Steel Frames

Technical drawings for thermally broken steel windows and doors.

Signature Steel Frames

At Thermally Broken Steel USA, we are honored to say that we are America’s premier distributor of the world’s finest and most reliable made-to-order steel window, door, and curtain wall systems. Below you will find our unrivaled frame options accompanied by a brief description.  Our goal is to provide you with a superior window or door frame as well as a reliable service tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. If you have any questions about our products or require more information, please contact a us – we look forward to assisting you!

Standard Features:

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Note: To keep up with the growing demand for product information, Data Sheets for our products are constantly being added and updated on our NEW “Support Page” –  please take a look.

OS2 Series

OS2 Steel Window and Door Frame

Rightfully part of the Hall of Fame of the Italian Design, the 0S2 frame series is a revolutionary statement in the continued development of efficient steel window and door fenestration. Aesthetically, the 0S2 series windows are the perfect choice to replace historical “iron windows” from the mid 19th to mid 20th century.


HTS Series

HTS Steel Window and Door Frame

Released to the public in September of 2015, the HTS frame series is the innovative successor to the W20 frame series. It maintains all of the durability and design flexibility of the W20 frame series but with tremendous thermal characteristics. The acronym “HTS” derives from its name; “Historical Thermal Steel”.


W20 Series

W20 Steel Window and Door Frame

Featuring an extremely narrow sight-line of only 1-1/16” (27 mm) for our direct fixed window profile, the W20 series is a hot-rolled steel frame system offering a cost effective and aesthetically magnificent solution for any project where the character, tradition and durability of a non-thermally broken steel frame is desired.


AMF Series

AMF Steel Window and Door Frame

The AMF series was designed for three key reasons; to create large continuous glass surfaces with minimal visible frame, to have extreme durability, and to be able to perform in line with the latest building regulations. Additionally, AMF is ideal for recreating industrial style using minimalistic transom and mullion sections or when a very sleek, modern style is desired.


EBE 65 Series

EBE Steel Window and Door Frame

As a counterpart to the 0S2 frame series, the EBE frame series is the answer to the recently heightened building requirements and technological developments. For this reason, the EBE series succeeds it competition structurally, acoustically, thermally and through its resistance to corrosion by the elements.


EBE Allure Series

EBE Allure Steel Window and Door Frame

The EBE Allure series is a dynamic combination of traditional style architecture and symmetric modernism. Bringing together the advantageous characteristics of the EBE 65 and EBE 85 Series with a gothic style interior and exterior mounted glazing bead puts this handcrafted thermally broken steel frame series in a class all its own.


WDS Series

WDS Steel Window and Door Frame with Wood Clad

The WDS series combines the durability, efficiency and design flexibility of our EBE series steel frame with the natural appeal of wood. By granting architects and designers with the ability to pair any of our steel types with a high quality wood species of their choice, a whole new range of opportunity presents itself.  


EBE 85 Series

EBE 85 Steel Window and Door Frame

Metaphorically speaking, the EBE 85 frame series is the big brother to our EBE 65 frame series. Engineered satisfy the largest openings imaginable while maintaining a slender visual profile, the EBE 85 series is the “can do, will do anything” solution for your commercial or residential building needs.


AF (Fire Rated) Series

AF Fire Rated Steel Window and Door Frame

The AF series is one our most innovative systems because it combines thermally efficiency, narrow sight-line and fire resistance all in one frame. Currently available in single and double door configurations, it is the first and only frame of its kind and offers endless design flexibility to satisfy your project needs.



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