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HTS Frame Series

Historic Style Interwoven with Thermal Performance

Thermal Break

Thin Sight-line

Material Options

Extreme Durability

Sound Insulation

Design Flexibility

HTS Thermally Broken Steel Window and Door Frame Series

Captivatingly Refined

– Heritage Approved –

The HTS frame profile for window and doors was engineered extensively to achieve our absolute narrowest sight-line in a thermally broken steel profile. Not to be confused with imitation thermal barriers or enhancements, our thermal break involves a multistep process of layering high strength fiberglass resins under extreme pressure to create an effective and durable bond. It’s timeless style has made such an impact amongst the heritage and landmark building community that many professionals call the HTS series the new standard for historic steel window and door replacements. In the same way, the HTS series has also received praise for the seamlessly modern flare of it’s minimalistic frame. The same innovations and extensive engineering that went into the HTS frame can be found across our entire lineup of handcrafted steel frames.

HTS Frame Spec's - Thermally Broken Steel USA (arrow left)
HTS Frame Details - Thermally Broken Steel USA

Window & Door Configurations

Glazing Bead Styles

The HTS frame series offers a customizable range of 6 different styled glazing beads. From left to right, the styles shown above include; Square (our standard bead offered in various depths), Rounded, L Shaped, J Shaped, Sloped, and Thin. All bead styles can be matched with stylish simulated and true divided muntins for a truly captivating glazing solution.

Material Options

Since the HTS series was released at the end of 2015, we currently do not offer Cor-ten, Bi-Metal or Wood + Steel as material options for this series. With that said, HTS is currently available in Galvanized Steel with a durable powder coat (painted) finish, Bronze and Stainless Steel (AISI 304 & 316L). All three material choices are of the highest quality and applicable for the strictest of building applications.

HTS Steel Frame Material Options

HTS Steel Frame Assembly Overview

Assembly Overview

Provided to the left is a detailed 3D assembly rendering of our revolutionary HTS series in a casement configuration which highlights important elements such as the: (a) Glazing pocket for Glass up to 1-9/16” (40 mm) total thickness, (b) Interior Glazing Bead, (c) Exterior Rebated EPDM sealing gasket and weep system, (d) Interior EPDM sealing gasket, and (e) Structural Thermal Break consisting of polyamide and high density polyurethane. Note: There is also an additional center internal gasket to aid in the prevention and redirection of water.

Narrow Sight-line

Similar to historic wrought iron windows, the HTS series projects an extremely thin sight-line which enables it to be the perfect candidate for building applications where heritage approval is required. As observed from the rendering to the right, the sight-line for a casement window or door is 2-5/16” (58 mm) and the sight-line for a fixed window is an incredible 1-5/16” (32 mm). This makes HTS the narrowest steel thermally broken frame in the world! For more technical details, please refer to the Cutsheets and Elevations section of our Resource page.

HTS Frame Narrow Sightline

HTS Frame Thermal Peformance

Thermal Performance

Our theramlly Broken HTS steel frame series proves that it is much more than just good looks with an impressive average U-value of 0.32 BTU/hr*ft2F (1.80 W/m2K).

Hardware Collection

The state-of-the-art range of hardware and accessories we offer for our HTS series windows and doors combines’ style with precision and trusted functionally. To do this, we work directly with the most revered hardware specialists in the world; such as SiegeniaTM, AGCTM, OlivariTM, NanzTM, and ASSA ABLOYTM (just to name a few), which allows us to combine maximum product quality with utmost efficiency and economy to continuously deliver comprehensive hardware solutions that add value and security in any residential or commercial application.

HTS Frame Steel Window and Door Hardware

HTS Frame Glass Selection for Steel Windows and Doors

Quality Glass Selection

When it comes to any building application, especially historic replacement projects, it is crucial to have the right glass at the right cost. We work one-on-one with the best glass providers in the world to deliver a solution that is ideal for your project. For heritage projects specifically, we can supply an excellent range of leaded single pane or dual pane glass as well as custom stained glass and laminated or non-laminated restoration glass to meet stringent modern building safety codes.

HTS Frame Sample Kit

Request a Sample Kit

If a fully glazed, over-sized corner sample with your choice of glazing, finish and material isn’t enough, we also include additional material, finish and profile samples for a true reflection of our attention to detail.

Come Tour our Factory

Interested in observing how our HTS Frames are made? Come meet and watch the talented artisans creating your product. From forming the steel profiles through final inspections and packaging, you will experience it all.

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