Cor-Ten Steel

C O R – T E N

About cor-ten

Cor-Ten steel is the perfect combination of style and toughness. With warm color tones similar to bronze and rigidity comparable to stainless steel, this alloy brings the best of both worlds to either a traditional or contemporary space. The name, “Cor-Ten,” originates from its incredible resistance to corrosion (Cor-rosion) and ultimate tensile stress (Ten-sile). These dual qualities complement each other best in applications where both aesthetic architectural appeal and structural hardness are imperative.

“Rustic combination of Durability, Hardness & Style

available frame options

Wooden Steel
Fire Rated
Strictly Steel



  • Thermally Broken
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Perfect for waterfront and outdoor applications.
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric conditions (rain/snow, wind, fluctuating temperature).
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Narrow and sleek lines of sight.
  • High Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) – 460 N/mM
  • Ideal for restoration of historic buildings.
  • Features a stunning, dark brown, rustic patina – unlike any other steel.
  • Aesthetically improves with natural weathering.


material & transformation

Cor-Ten steel is a dense, durable, self-passivizing alloy consisting of Silicon (22%), Phosphorus (7%), Chromium (27%), Manganese (19%) and Copper (25%). Cor-Ten steel endures the same natural oxidation process as Bronze, however, once the oxidized layer is formed, the corrosion process stops and a permanent protective coating remains. This film gives the steel a long lasting resistance to weathering as well as tensile yield. The use of oxidization baths not only refines the color and speeds up the patina development process, it is also what stabilizes the materials stunning, red, orange and brown tones — providing unmatched character, personality, warmth and passion to your steel windows and doors. Modern day technology, artisan-ship and innovation infuse the original 1930’s heavy carpentry design with the sleek aesthetic look of the 21st century.

Cleaning & Maintenance 

Cor-Ten steel’s amazing resistance to environmental agents (salt, acid, etc…) and atmospheric elements (rain, wind, temperature fluctuation) result in a essentially unlimited life with little to no maintenance. If cleaning is necessary, all that is required is a soft cloth (NO harsh cleaning pads or brushes) soaked in water (NO acidic solutions or household detergents) and the application of a layer of beeswax. The use of any other methods of cleaning this material may result in removal of the protective patina, thus invoking harmful oxidation.


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