Stainless Steel

S T A I N L E S S  S T E E L

about Stainless STEEL

Stainless Steel is the most prominent material choice in modern architecture and design. It’s narrow, sleek sightlines, combined with its extreme ability to resist corrosion make it the ultimate choice for a sophisticated, high class profile. Not only are its looks stunning and sleek, but it is the strongest, most wear resistant steel available for window and door construction.

Modern, Durable, and Desired

Available frame options

Wooden Steel
Fire Rated
Strictly Steel



  • Thermally Broken
  • 100% Recyclable Material
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric conditions (rain/snow, wind, fluctuating temperature)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Narrow and sleek lines of sight
  • 12.81 times less thermally conductive than aluminum. [205 W/(m K) vs. 16 W/(m K)]
  • 1.95 times higher Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) than aluminum. [310 MPa vs. 603 MPa]
  • Superior aesthetic value and style
  • Extreme resistance to corrosion
  • Offered in 3 standard finishes — Polished, Scotch Brite and Satin
  • Offered in 304 high grade stainless or 316 marine grade stainless



Our Stainless Steel is currently offered in three standard finishes — AISI 316 Polished, AISI 316 Scotch Brite and AISI 304 Satin.

material & Transformation

With stunning clarity, simplistic lines and unbeatable durability, stainless steel is unquestionably the leading steel in modern architecture. Its historical roots lie in the hands of Harry Brearly, where in 1913, he discovered that stainless steel’s remarkable corrosion resistant properties were able to withstand any and all atmospheric conditions. The base elements in Stainless Steel are: Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum. When exposed to oxygen, a layer of chromium oxide forms a protective film providing resistance to acidity and saline corrosion. The metal’s dense crystal structure makes it the hardest steel currently on the market. This hardness, along with its incredible shine, make it the perfect choice for any space–modern, traditional and industrial.

 Cleaning & maintenance

Stainless steels’ non corrosive qualities and protective chromium oxide film result in minimal cleaning and maintenance throughout its lifetime. If cleaning is necessary or desired, warm water on a cloth or sponge will suffice. Additional options include gentle detergents, typical household cleaners and organic solvents. The use of any detergents containing chloride and powders is not recommended.

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