WDS Series

WDS Frame Series

The Ultimate Hybrid in Fine Architecture

Thermal Break

Narrow Sight-line

Wood Options

Extreme Durability

Sound Insulation

Design Flexibility

Wood on Interior

From the interior, our WDS Series offers a remarkably slender sight-line, complemented with your choice of solid wood and finish. Ideal where the rigidity of steel is necessary but the traditional style of wood is desired.

Steel on Exterior

From the exterior, the thoughtfully conceived design of our hand-crafted steel profile can be furnished in an array of materials and finishes to bring vitality and functionality to any commercial or residential outdoor space.

Window & Door Configurations

Fixed Steel Window
Casement Steel Window or Door
Sliding Steel Window or Door
Curved Steel Window or Door
Corner Steel Window
Arched Steel Window or Door
Awning Steel Window
Tilt and Turn Window
Bifolding Steel Window or Door
Pivoting Steel Window or Door
Hopper Steel Window

Steel Options

The cold-rolled steel extrusions which form the profile of the WDS Series frame are available in 4 quality materials: Painted Steel, which consists of a Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel base with a durable Powder Coated finish, Cor-Ten (numerous patinas available), Stainless Steel 304/316 and Bronze (numerous patinas available). Each material offers its own unique character and customizable finish options. For details regarding the specific finish possibilities of each material, please refer to our Material Chart or contact us.

Wood Options

Although the standard wood type for the interior clad is Pine, we are open to any stain, varnish paint, or wood type, so long as we can acquire it. We understand that it is the fine, carefully conceived details that bring a space to life, which is why we strive to provide a one-on-one service experience that is tailored specifically to the parameters of your project.

Assembly Overview

On the left is a detailed 3D rendering of our innovative WDS series casement frame assembly which highlights key elements such as the: (a) Exterior EPDM weep system, (b) Flush steel exterior frame surfaces, (c) Glazing pocket for Glass up to 2-3/8” (60 mm) total thickness, (d) Center gasket, (e) Structural Thermal Break consisting of polyamide and high density polyurethane, (f) Interior EPDM compression seal gasket, and (g) Interior solid wood cladding.

Narrow Sight-line

The WDS series is no exception to our unrelenting passion for setting and maintaining the narrowest sight-lines for a thermally broken frame in the fenestration industry. While other frames of similar thermal performance and rigidity carry a typical sightline upwards of 6”, WDS series Casement Windows (as seen to the right) have a 3-3/8” (85 mm) sight-line and Direct Fixed Windows have a 1-7/8” (47 mm) sight-line. For more technical details, please refer to the Cutsheets and Elevations section of our Resource page.

Thermal Performance

Thermal performance is truly how we capitalize on our products. With that said, the thermally broken WDS steel frame series carries a remarkable average U-value of 0.26 BTU/hr*ft2F (1.41 W/m2K).

Request a Sample Kit

If a large, fully glazed, WDS Series corner sample with your choice of glazing, finish and material isn’t enough, we also include additional material, finish and profile samples for a true reflection of our attention to detail.

Come Tour our Factory

Interested in observing how our WDS Frames are made? Come meet and watch the talented artisans creating your product. From forming the steel profiles through final inspections and packaging, you will experience it all.

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