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Consisting of two primary models – EBE 65 and EBE 85 – our thermally broken EBE steel frame series is the one-system-do-all solution to achieving nearly any design in both a reliable and attractive manner with excellent heat and sound insulation. Constructed from cold-rolled steel in the same manner as our thermally broken OS2 series, the EBE series utilizes slightly deeper profiles on either side of the structural thermal break. As a result, the EBE series is capable of incorporating much larger spans of glass thus allowing our clients the design flexibility to create much larger operable and non-operable window and door systems. Additionally, the added depth allows for numerous concealable hardware options ranging from concealed hinges to fully automated palm or retina scanning Bio-Metric Home Access systems.

EBE65 and EBE85 Frame Types

Frame Spec's - Thermally Broken Steel USA

EBE Frame Details - Thermally Broken Steel USA

Window & Door Configurations

Glazing Bead Styles

The thermally broken EBE steel frame series is no exception to the variety of glazing bead styles we offer for our other frames. Our 6 primary styles (from left to right) include; Square (offered in five depths: 3/8″, 5/8″, 13/16″, 15/16″, & 1 3/8″), Rounded, Gothic, J Shaped, Sloped, and Thin. All glazing bead styles are available in the same materials and finishes as our EBE series frames and can be combined with corresponding simulated and true divided muntins for a truly one-of-a-kind window or door system. We also have the capability of creating custom bead profiles tailored specifically for the project if so desired.

Material Options

Of all of our thermally broken or non-thermally broken steel frames, the EBE series offers by far the widest selection of materials and finishes. The five (5) materials available are (from left to right): Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel with a Powder Coated finish (textured, metallic, marine grade and custom colors available), Architectural Bronze (numerous patinas available), Stainless Steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316L Marine Grade), Cor-Ten (numerous patinas available), and brand New in 2016 is our Raw Steel (a.k.a. Blackened Steel) which is available in a wide variety of patinas.

EBE Steel Window and Door Frame Material Options

EBE Steel Window and Door Frame Assembly

Assembly Overview

As mentioned, there are two (2) models for the EBE series frame; EBE 65 (as shown on the left) and EBE 85 (as shown on the right). Referring to the 3D rendering to the left of an Inswing Casement, we have highlighted the six (6) most notable components: (a) Glazing pocket for a Glass thickness up to 1 7/8” (48 mm) for EBE 65 and 2 5/8” (68mm) for EBE 85, (b) Glazing Bead and EPDM gasket – the Square Bead is shown, (c) Structural Thermal Break consisting of polyamide and fiberglass reinforced high density polyurethane, (d) Exterior Rebated EPDM sealing gasket with dedicated groove and weep system, (e) Secondary Neoprene Gasket with Integrated Weep System, and (f) Interior EPDM sealing gasket with dedicated groove.

Narrow Sight-line

In the big picture, EBE remains very small. Although EBE is our largest and deepest thermally broken profile, it still boasts a very minimalistic sightline when compared with products advertising similar performance. As detailed on the cross section to the right, our fixed windows achieve a remarkable 1 7/8” (47 mm) sight-line and 3 5/16” (84 mm) for our EBE series casement windows. For more technical details, please refer to the Cutsheets and Elevations section of our Resource page.

EBE Steel Window and Door Frame Sightline

EBE Frame Thermal Performance

Thermal Performance

The proprietary thermal insulating technology fused into our EBE frame series – as well as a host of our other frames – is one that many attempt to imitate, but cannot. The key factor being that our cold-rolled profiles are bonded using a two (2) step process; first a mechanical polyamide press fit followed by a fiberglass reinforced high density polyurethane resin which provides the non-conductive thermal barrier as well as the structural and adhesive connection between the interior and exterior profiles. When all is said and done, the EBE series yields a remarkable average U-value of 0.25 BTU/hr*ft2F(1.42 W/m2K).

Hardware Collection

The state-of-the-art range of hardware and accessories we offer for our EBE series windows and doors combines’ style with precision and trusted functionally. To do this, we work directly with the most revered hardware specialists in the world; such as SiegeniaTM, AGCTM, OlivariTM, NanzTM, and ASSA ABLOYTM (just to name a few), which allows us to combine maximum product quality with utmost efficiency and economy to continuously deliver comprehensive hardware solutions that add value and security in any residential or commercial application.

EBE Steel Window and Door Hardware

EBE Steel Window and Door Glass Selection

Quality Glass Selection

From historic replica to modern boutique and expansive commercial facades, utilizing the correct glass – for both aesthetics and performance – is absolutely imperative. We collaborate directly with the finest glass providers in the world (big and small) to provide our customers with a limitless array of glazing options geared specifically for their desired application. From simple single pane or monolithic glass to low iron triple pane IG (“insulated glass”), custom restoration IG, dimmable SmartTM glass, and dual pane IG in any configuration imaginable; if you require it, we can get it.

EBE Frame Series Sample Kit

Request a Sample Kit

If a fully glazed, over-sized, EBE corner sample with your choice of glazing, finish and material isn’t enough, we also include additional material, finish and profile samples for a true reflection of our attention to detail.

Come Tour our Factory

Interested in observing how our EBE Frames are made? Come meet and watch the talented artisans creating your product. From forming the steel profiles through final inspections and packaging, you will experience it all.

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