HTS Series: “Unrelenting Performance”.

Blog Picture 003 - Thermally Broken Steel USA

At TBS, the New Year means the launch of new products and services! This year we started off with a bang and released a brand new, exclusive, thermally broken steel frame series for our windows and doors known as the “HTS Series”. Not only is this a pivotal point for TBS and our clients, but we anticipate that HTS will have a significant impact on the industry now and in years to come.

Similar to Ferrari, the HTS series is handcrafted and engineered from ground up to outperform its competition. Offering the narrowest sight-line on the market makes HTS the ideal match wherever landmarks approval is required or a minimalistic or modern style is desired. But don’t be fooled by its slender aesthetics, HTS is much more than just a pretty face. Similar to the rest of our steel window and door frame systems, HTS was designed from the inside out to offer the extended durability and maintainability first and foremost. Once the core structural interior and exterior steel profiles were designed, the thermal break was addressed in the same uncompromising fashion as our highly regarded, and extremely durable, OS2 series.

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HTS Frame Sight-Line - Thermally Broken Steel USA

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